We Provide Abstract Art, Minimal Art, Calligraphy Art, Poster Art & your Customized wall hangings art with high-quality service of our expertise.

The most vivacious part of our corporation is to manufacture a high brilliance print Minimal Wall Art. To, do that we use Nonglossy Photo Paper as the medium for all of our reproductions. By using such a well quality of paper we can reduce the variations between the final print and its virtual file.

Peace-Of-Mind Spending.
Not only do we provide our customers with the superiority of our product, but we also understand the importance of peace of mind spending, When you buy from us wall hangings art with high-quality service. You can be assured that we’ll affectionately create your design, carefully pack it for distribution and deliver it to your doorstep.

Unbelievable art your Doorstep.
We work with the desire to bring you Pakistan’s Masterpiece art collection. Whatever your interest is, your decoration style, your motivation, We’re certain to have that Masterpiece you can’t live without.

Calligraphy Wall Art design is customized according to your desires. We provide our designs in Oil paintings and Digital printings whereas, Oil paintings are expensive as these are painted with an emotional state of spirit by our artists & with high motivation. We’ll deliver it to your doorstep. You can browse on Temprasco.com & find about your creative customized wall hangings.

Just like Bordered frames, we also take boundless care in the building of Borderless frames, a strong woody back is a must in the manufacture of both Borderless and Bordered frames. Though, unlike Bordered frames, as the name yields we don’t use Borders in these Borderless frames, they are made without Borders which make them the most suitable applicants for digital paintings and abstract art. This sole ability really brings out the glory of Calligraphy Wall Art.

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